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Y-DNA haplogroups in populations of Europe. Y-DNA haplogroups in populations of the Near East. Y-DNA haplogroups in populations of North Africa. Y-DNA haplogroups in populations of South Asia. Y-DNA haplogroups in populations of Central and North Asia. Y-DNA haplogroups in populations of East and Southeast Asia Haplogroup A is a human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup, which includes all living human Y chromosomes. Bearers of extant sub-clades of haplogroup A are almost exclusively found in Africa (or among descendants of populations which have recently left Africa ), in contrast with haplogroup BT , bearers of which participated in the Out of Africa migration of anatomically modern humans In human genetics, the haplogroups most commonly studied are Y-chromosome (Y-DNA) haplogroups and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups, each of which can be used to define genetic populations. Y-DNA is passed solely along the patrilineal line, from father to son, while mtDNA is passed down the matrilineal line, from mother to offspring of both sexes

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History and description of Haplogroup R1a (Y-chromosomal DNA) and its subclades. Haplogroup R1a is the dominant paternal lineage in Northeast Europe and southern Central Asia. It was diffused around Eurasia by the Indo-Aryans and Balto-Slavic people What Are Y-DNA Haplogroups? A haplogroup is really just a stretch of DNA commonly found in certain populations. A Y-DNA haplogroup, then, is a stretch of the Y chromosome that you share with male relatives along your paternal line. So if you have a Y, you got it from your dad, who got it from his dad and so on Link to Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree 2006 The first phylogenetic chart to unify nomenclature was published in 2002 by the Y Chromosome Consortium (YCC) . The 2003 Y-DNA phylogenetic chart appeared in Mark A. Jobling and Chris Tyler-Smith, The Human Y Chromosome: An Evolutionary Marker Comes of Age Nature Reviews|Genetics, Figure 5 Haplogrupp I1 (Y-DNA) Distribution och frekvens. Haplogrupp I1 är den haplogrupp som har störst genetiskt koncentration i området runt Skandinavien, och är i Sverige den vanligaste haplogruppen. Mutationerna som är identifierade som Haplogroup I1 (Y-DNA) är M253, M307, P30, och P40 Human Y-chromosome DNA can be divided in genealogical groups sharing a common ancestor. These are called haplogroups . To know what ancient ethnic group is associated with each haplogroup, please check European Haplogroups : origins, geographic spread and relation to ethnic groups

Human Y-chromosome DNA can be divided in genealogical groups sharing a common ancestor. These are called haplogroups. To know what ancient ethnic group is associated with each haplogroup, please check European Haplogroups : origins, geographic spread and relation to ethnic groups. Note that figures are only indicative Haplogrupper från Y-kromosomen och mitokondrie-DNA (mtDNA) har olika haplogruppsbeteckningar. Haplogrupper är orsakade av djupa historiskt-genetiska förändringar som går tillbaka många tusentals år. [2] I människans genetik, är Y-kromosomens haplogrupper och mitokondrie-DNA-haplogrupper de flitigast studerade A Y-DNA haplogroup defines a group of men by the shared features of their Y-chromosome. Members of the same Y-haplogroup have a patrilineal (direct paternal) ancestor in common. Y-DNA haplogroup assignments can help to identify recent and distant genetic ancestry, and provide insight into ancient human societies and their migrations Furthermore, in my comparison (which I haven't posted here, yet) of Y DNA results of descendants from Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Glasgow, Dunbartonshire, and Dumfries and Galloway of SW Scotland, with descendants of ancestors from Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, and some in Dorset of SW England, Haplogroup L21 is, in fact, the root for all of these lines In human genetics, a Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup is a haplogroup defined by differences in the non-recombining portions of DNA from the Y chromosome (called Y-DNA). The Y chromosome consortium has established a system of defining Y-DNA haplogroups by letters A through to T, with further subdivisions using numbers and lower case letters

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Haplogroup J2b1-M205 > Y22066/Y22059 comprises about 3.6% of Serbian Y-DNA. It is very young, TMRCA of whole of it is about 1000 years. Despite it's moderate frequency, it is important since it is well distributed across all regions with Serb population, from the border with Bulgaria to the most western area of Serb settlements (Lika), where it reaches more than 10% of Serbian Y-DNA Y-DNA haplogroup and subclade names follow the conventions of the Y-Chromosome Consortium's (YCC). The YCC short form names haplogroups with the first letter from the major haplogroup branch. This is followed by a dash and the name of the final SNP: S-M310, S-M254, S-P57, etc

Haplogroup E1b1b (M215) is the Berber haplogroup of the DNA of the human Y chromosome. Along with E1b1a (M2) and E1b1c (M329), it is part of the haplogroup E1b1 (P2) 1.0 Haplogroup only. Not everyone who thinks of a test for Y-DNA has the genealogy and his direct paternal ancestors in mind. Some are only interested in the Y-haplogroup for various reasons, such as historical migrations. In the autosomal DNA tests of 23andme and Living DNA, the Y-haplogroup and the mt-haplogroup are displayed directly This project is a meeting place for users who share the R-M269 Y-DNA haplogroup, which means they are related along their paternal lines. Users in this group may want to share their family trees with each other to find overlaps and merge duplicate profiles in order to join or expand the World Family Tree and discover new relatives

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  1. Haplogroup I (Y-DNA) is a Y chromosome clade. A clade represents all the branches - and thus descendants - of an taxonomic (or ancestral) tree that share a single common ancestor. Wikipedia. Y-DNA Haplogroup I represents one of the twenty major branches of the Y chromosome as defined by the Y Chromosome Consortium (YCC2008)
  2. Media in category Human Y-DNA haplogroups. The following 64 files are in this category, out of 64 total. 105 Filipino Y-DNA.jpg 820 × 544; 60 KB. Albero Y-DNA-ca.svg 500 × 612; 20 KB. Albero Y-DNA.jpg 636 × 726; 46 KB. Albero Y-DNA.svg 500 × 612; 24 KB
  3. The Y-DNA tree begins with the common paternal ancestor to all men alive today. Therefore, Y-DNA haplogroups and the Y-DNA haplogroup testing (like Big Y and Geno 2.0) trace forward from our common paternal ancestor [
  4. This Y-DNA predictor will help you to find out which haplogroup or its sub-branch you probably belong to. The predictor gives prices percentages of probability and fitting of your results as an average value of one or more haplogroups
  5. gly to the rare haplogroup I2c1a2a1a1a (F2044). I2c2 branch The I2b-L415 & I2c-L596 Haplogroup Project was able to deter
  6. DNA Haplogroups Trace your ancestry back over 100,000 years to its ancient roots in Africa. The DNA Haplogroups database allows individuals who have tested their Y-DNA or mtDNA to view their placement in the DNA Haplogroup Phylogenetic tree of mankind. Haplogroups are ancient family groups dating back tens of thousands of years
  7. Mänskligt Y -kromosom -DNA -haplogrupp - Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup. Från Wikipedia, den fria encyklopedin. Denna artikel handlar om den mänskliga Y-DNA-haplogruppen. Y-DNA-haplogrupper representerar stora grenar av Y-kromosom fylogenetiska träd som delar hundratals eller till och med tusentals mutationer unika för varje haplogrupp

Y-DNA and Haplogroup Result. There are a few different companies that do DNA testing for genealogy. I have written before about my experience using AncestryDNA, first at AncestryDNA - One Jewish Result, then at AncestryDNA Updates Ethnicity Results ~ Jewish Results. AncestryDNA does autosomal testing, which means it is a test that provides a. Answer: Charlemagne was a Frankish ruler and leader. Modern French people descend mainly from Gaulic/Celtic, Frankish and Italic tribes. If we check the modern Y-DNA map of France, we'd find that the most common Y-DNA is Haplogroup R1b, which is the markers of Indo-Europeans. Based on the resu.. Y-haplogrupp I-FT123809. Mitt DNA i Y-kromosomen är undersökt med Family Tree DNA:s test big-Y-700, som undersöker större delen av Y-kromosomens baspar. Mina resultat har också analyserats ytterligare av YFull. Enligt resultatet från big-Y och analysen av YFull kan man följa min gren på I1-trädet enligt nedanstående tabell

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If your haplogroup isn't showing, you could be downstream of the Viking haplogroup, so you'll need to use the Y DNA Block Tree (for Big Y testers) or public haplotree, here. If you've taken the Big Y test, click on the Block Tree on your results page and then look across the top of your results page to see if the haplogroup in question is upstream or a parent of your haplogroup Updated: 10.06.2017 Today, I want to present some Kurdish tribes Y-DNA haplogroup results across the Kurdistan. Thanks to project admin of Dersim DNA Project for his work. For Dêrsim region I've used Nuri Dêrsimî's nomenclature for the tribes from his book Dêrsim in the history of Kurdistan (1952)Not to forget to mention we have a new blog called FeyliDnaProject.blogspot

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The calculation finds your most likely haplogroup. The prediction program compares your Y-DNA STR (short tandem repeat) profile to our results database. The program uses the results of exact and near matches. The process balances using a reliable number of Y-DNA STR markers and using a database of confirmed haplogroups that is sufficient in size Introduction to Y-DNA and mtDNA. Another test that both 23andMe and Living DNA do is the Y-DNA or Y chromosome testing to determine your haplogroup. A haplogroup is basically a genetic population group that share a common ancestor that passed on the original gene that makes that haplogroup unique. You might wonder, given how much genes. Y-DNA haplogroup nomenclature is changing over time to accommodate the increasing number of SNPs being discovered and tested, and the resulting expansion of the Y-chromosome phylogenetic tree. This change in nomenclature has resulted in inconsistent nomenclature being used in different sources Autosomal Admixture Calculator. This is just another utility which calculates percentages of admixture from autosomal genome data from FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder (.csv files) or 23AndMe (.txt files), using EM algorythm and using Calculator input files from Dodecad Ancestry Project (dodecad.blogspot.com). It is made in April 2014

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  1. The haplogroup Q Y-chromosome sequenced by Wei and colleagues does not harbor any of these new markers. Askapuli A, Gau L, et al. (2012) Mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome variation provides evidence for a recent common ancestry between Native Americans and Indigenous Altaians. Am J Hum Genet 90: 229-246. View Articl
  2. Y-DNA Origins. Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) was the second type of DNA used in many published population genetics papers. However, in the past three years Y-DNA testing by the general public has passed beyond what is done in academic labs. Like mtDNA, the science here is robust,.
  3. I-M223 Y-DNA Haplogroup Project - Y-DNA Classic Chart. For genealogy within the most recent fifteen generations, STR markers help define paternal lineages. Y-DNA STR markers change (mutate) often enough that most men who share the same STR results also share a recent paternal lineage
  4. Haplogroup G is the 3rd most common Y-DNA haplogroup in Sardinian People, with a distribution estimated between 11% and 15%, mainly in the north part of the island and on the highlands of central regions. It spread on the island with the diffusion of the neolithic farmers from Asia. It has an overall low frequency in most populations but is.
  5. First Hungarian ruling dynasty, the Árpáds, of Y-DNA haplogroup R1a Carlos Quiles Anthropology , Archaeology , Population Genomics , Ugric , Uralic February 16, 2018 April 14, 2020 Open access article DNA profiling of Hungarian King Béla III and other skeletal remains originating from the Royal Basilica of Székesfehérvár , Olasz, J., Seidenberg, V., Hummel, S. et al. Archaeol Anthropol.

Etikettarkiv: Y-DNA haplogroup. Listersläkten del 11 katt bland hermelinerna. Publicerat den 19 oktober, 2016 av Gunvor Persson ————————- uppdatering 19 oktober———————- Trädet innehåller i dag 2803 persone Haplogroup I (Y-DNA) In human genetics, Haplogroup I (M170, P19, M258) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup . Haplogroup I (the letter I, not the number 1) can be found in most present-day European populations, most commonly in Scandinavia, Sardinia, and the Slavic & Bulgarian populations of the Western Balkans in southeastern Europe Haplogroup P (Y-DNA), Haplogroup Q (Y-DNA), Haplogroup R (Y-DNA), Haplogroup S (Y-DNA), Haplogroup T (Y-DNA). These main Y-DNA haplogroups are arranged in the Y-Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree. The tree below is linked to the ISOGG Y-DNA Tree Trunk 2017* The first test over 5 years ago from DNA Solutions in Australia showed me to be of Y Haplogroup E1b1b and mtDNA haplogroup W6. The mtDNA haplogroup W6 is correct as FTDNA is also showing the same mtDNA result. But my FTDNA Confirmed Y-DNA Haplogroup is C-K466. Now, my Y-DNA test results from DDC ( DNA Diagnostics Center) in Cincinnati Ohio.

New Y DNA Haplogroup Naming Convention. In late 2012, the way haplogroups were being named and referenced began changing. Before the introduction of the Geno 2.0 test in July 2012, there were approximately 850 SNPs identified on the haplotree, meaning 850 haplogroup names that all began with the letter of the haplogroup, but then had. Haplogroup F (Y-DNA) In human genetics, Haplogroup F (defining mutations M89, P14, and M213) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup . This haplogroup and its subclades contain more than 90% of the world's extant male population, including almost everyone outside of Africa, except for Tibet, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Japan, Polynesia, and communities of indigenous Australians, while also including many men. Haplogruppe D (Y-DNA) Haplogruppe D ist in der Humangenetik eine Haplogruppe des Y-Chromosoms. Sowohl C als auch D enthalten die Mutation M 168, die allen anderen Haplogruppen außer A und B zu eigen ist Haplogroup I1 (Y-DNA) is the original paternal lineage of Nordic Europe. In human genetics, Haplogroup I-M253 is a Y chromosome haplogroup which occurs at greatest frequency in Fenno-Scandia. The mutations identified with Haplogroup I-M253 (Y-DNA) are M253, M307, P30, and P40. These are known as single nucleotide polymorphisms ().It is a subclade of Haplogroup I

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mtDNA Migration Maps Guide. Y-DNA Results & Tools. Advanced Matches. Advanced Matches Introduction. Advanced Matches Guide. Autosomal Transfers. Autosomal DNA Transfers Guide. Trees. Family Tree Y-DNA Haplogroup I and Its Subclades (englisch), aus International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) Phylogeography of Y-Chromosome Haplogroup I (englisch), (PDF-Datei; 413 kB) Mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome Variation in the Caucasus (englisch), (PDF-Datei; 1,2 MB Haplogroup G2b-M377 is a Y-chromosome haplogroup and is defined by the presence of the M377 mutation. It is a branch of Haplogroup G2, which in turn is defined by the presence of the M201 mutation.. G2b is a major Y chromosome haplogroup, and yet unique. It was found among Pashtuns, who are classified as Iranic and on much lower scale among all major Jewish groups, Palestinians, Lebanese and. Y-DNA Haplogroup G and its Subclades - 2019-2020. Downloading this spreadsheet as Excel retains format. Links may not copy to new sheet. Main Page. Main Page. Because of continuing research, structure of the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree changes, ISOGG does its best to update it. Main Page Haplogroup E1b1b1 - M35.1 The ancient origins of E1b1b1 - M35.1 haplogroup Friday , February 18, 2011 E1b1b1 Jewish haplogroup E1b1b1 ( M35 ) Migration through Jericho According to Wikipedia : The linguistic group and may have E1b1b1 scattered along the region of origin of the language family . Among populations wit

Y-DNA Haplogroup I and its Subclades - 2019-2020: 3. 4. 5. Downloading this spreadsheet as Excel retains format. Links may not copy to new sheet. 6. 7. 8. The entire work is identified by the Version Number and date given on. Main Page: 9. Directions for citing the document are listed on. Main Page. 10 Haplogroup R1a veya haplogroup R-M420, İskandinavya ve Orta Avrupa'dan güney Sibirya ve Güney Asya'ya kadar uzanan, Avrasya'daki geniş bir bölgeye dağılmış bir insan Y-kromozom DNA haplogrubu.. R1a yaklaşık 22.000 ila 25.000 yıl önce, alt kladı olan M417 (R1a1a1) ise yaklaşık 5.800 yıl önce farklılaşmaya başlayarak oluşmuştur

Media in category Haplogroup I of Y-DNA The following 17 files are in this category, out of 17 total Y-DNA Haplogroup E1b1b1-M35. Order your Y-DNA Test Kit from FamilyTreeDNA.com for $49 The surname Attenborough derives from a small Nottinghamshire settlement, now absorbed into the suburbs of Nottingham. At the time of the 1881 census its bearers lived mainly nearby in the Trent Valley,. ミトコンドリア DNA の ハプログループ の分布から推定した人類伝播のルートと年代. 記号の解説については「 en:Haplogroup 」を参照. ハプログループ ( 英: haplogroup )とは、単一の 一塩基多型 ( SNP) 変異をもつ 共通祖先 をもつような、よく似た ハプロタイプ. My welcome to y-DNA Haplogroup I-M253. Posted on August 15, 2014 by vikingsandvirginians. Note: I am currently completing the process of transferring my y-DNA 46 marker results form ancestry.com to ftdna.com. On the basis of what ftdna.com has have received so far (my DNA test kit that I returned to them and the marker values from ancestry.com. Y-DNA Haplogroup I-L38 has 127 members. This group deals with a sub-group of the Y-DNA haplogroup called I-M170 which is known at the present time as I2a1b2a and can be shorthand defined as L38+. I2a1b2a was previously known as I(x), I1b2*, I2b*, I2b2 and I2a2b

R1b Y-DNA Haplogroup. Hello All of my R1b cousins. If any of you have uploaded your raw data from any of your DNA tests to GEDmatch dot com, please compare my DNA with yours to see if we are related. I usually adjust the cM number to search down to 3 cM to catch further back relations. Do the autosomal comparison first, then the X DNA comparison My Y-12 results came hours ago. It took only 9 days. When I it said something like Your Y-DNA results are complete! PredictedY-DNA Haplogroup [] . Your Y-DNA Terminal SNP is []. in Haplotree section, it says Y-DNA Haplotree - Predicted Haplogroup İs (Its just blank) I go Haplogrup L-M20 (Y-DNA) Haplogrup L-M20 insanlarda görülen bir Y-DNA haplogrubudur. Tek nükleotid polimorfizminde M11, M20, M61 ve M185 farklılıkları bulunmaktadır. K Haplogrubunun ikincil soyundan gelen L-M20, LT Haplogrubunun ana koludur. L haplogrubunun alternatif filogenetik adı K1a'dır An Y-DNA haplogroup is a population who share a common male ancestor (the patriarch). All haplogroups of mankind are placed in a tree which you can find on Y-full or ISOGG. The aim of the website is to reconstruct the life story of haplogroup E-V22. By sharing relevant information and connecting people we want to reveal this story

Ed Martin's Y-DNA Haplogroup C and C3 Project. C1: The C1 lineage is entirely restricted to Japan where it occurs at low frequency. C2: The C2 lineage is distributed throughout the Polynesia, Melanesia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. C3: This lineage is believed to have originated in southeast or central Asia Maps of Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroup distribution, including ancient DNA samples as well as studies of modern populations There are two ways to learn your Y-haplogroup. You have taken a Y-chromosome test. A family member that would have the same Y-chromosome as you has taken a Y-chromosome test. There are two types of Y-chromosome DNA that are analyzed: STRs Counts how many times a basepair sequence repeats at given position E is a clade of Haplogroup DE, with the other major clade, haplogroup D, being East Asian. DE is a clade within M168 with the other two major clades, C and F, considered to have a Eurasian origin. Haplogroup E (Y-DNA). Most members of haplogroup E belong to one of its already identified subclades. E1a and E2 are found almost exclusively in Africa Next to the Y-chr, the mitochondrial DNA analysis of the head of Henri IV also does not Germain, P. et al. Genetic genealogy reveals true Y haplogroup of House of Bourbon contradicting recent.

Y-chromosome genotype data available for 10355 DNA samples were used to evaluate the diversification of 2193 haplogroup R-M343 samples, the majority (n=2043) of which were derived for the M269. Maps of Europe's ancient tribes, kingdoms and Y-DNA. Another post for map fans - new maps showing snapshots of Europe's likely dominant or notable Y-DNA haplogroups around 7000 BC, 2000 BC, 117 AD and 1227 AD. First, a disclaimer. Human genetic history is complicated, particular in Europe, therefore the territorial lines associated with. The Y-STR variation significantly differed between the Swedes and the Finns. The study found that the Swedes differed significantly from all the other populations. The most common Y-DNA haplogroup of the Swedes of Finland is within I, which of course is also very prevalent among Swedes in Sweden The Y-DNA haplogroup I2a1a (I-L158), of southeastern European origin, is less commonly found in Catalonia, at the frequencies of 8.1% in Baixa Cerdanya, 8% in Val d'Aran, and only 2.9% in Alt Urgell, however not all these sampled people can be expected to be ethnic Catalans

Logan, Y-DNA is strictly about the male Y chromosome, found in the nucleus of every cell of every male, along with all the other chromosomes. mtDNA is strictly about the DNA found in the little mitochondria, found in everyone's cells by the hundreds. For an introduction to mtDNA, see About Your mtDNA Test and Haplogroup Dr. Mehmet Oz belongs to Y-DNA haplogroup J2a1b. Chris Rock. American comedian Chris Rock belongs to Y-DNA haplogroup B (subclade B2a1). He is paternally descended from the Uldeme people of Cameroon. Al Roker. Al Roker, United States broadcaster, belongs to Y-DNA haplogroup E, common among African peoples. The Rothschild Haplogroup G (Y-DNA) In human genetics, Haplogroup G (M201) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup. It is a branch of Haplogroup F (M89), and is theorized to have originated, according to the latest thinking, in the Near East or Southern Asia, likely in the region that is now northern India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. [citation needed Haplogroup R, eller R-M207, är en Y-kromosom-DNA-haplogrupp.Det är både många och utbredda bland moderna befolkningar. Vissa ättling subclades har funnit sedan förhistorien i Europa, Centralasien och södra Asien.Andra har länge funnits, på lägre nivåer, i delar av Västasien och Afrika.Vissa myndigheter har också föreslagit, mer kontroversiellt, att R-M207 länge har varit. Your haplogroup is your branch on the Y-DNA haplotree. Again, haplogroups are formed when two or more people share a SNP. When I first logged into my brother's account many years ago, the haplogroup appeared in the upper-right of the screen. Predicted haplogroup. In this example, the predicted haplogroup is R-M269

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  1. e your unique haplogroup and submit your results to our Yahoo group and please include your results on FTDNA's website
  2. ed for many notable figures - either from the direct testing of their DNA Haplogroup I is the oldest major haplogroup in Europe, originating around 25,000 years ago
  3. The experiment resulted in following data for Y-chromosomal haplogroup (YFiler mode). The Y-DNA analysis showed the R1a-M458 Y-DNA haplogroup, typical for the Slavic and other Central European populations. The result can be grouped with other still scarce Slavic Y-DNA medieval data from Russia and with results from Western Slavic regions
  4. Y-DNA Haplogroup R-M207 Summary Haplogroup R is defined by a DNA marker known as M207. Everyone who carries this marker today descends from a common paternal ancestor who lived about 30,000 years ago in west Asia. To date, over thirty subclades of haplogroup R have been identified, of which, R1a1-M17 and R1b1b2-M26

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In human genetics, a human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup is a haplogroup defined by differences in the non-recombining portions of DNA from the Y chromosome (called Y-DNA). It represents human genetic diversity based on single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on the Y chromosome. [1] Y-DNA haplogroups represent major branches of the Y-chromosome phylogenetic tree La Braña 1 carried the very rare Y-DNA haplogroup C (possibly C6-V20) (Check for the updates below, please). The late Epipaleolithic forager from NW Iberia (previously discussed here) had the patrilineal haplogroup C6, found so far only very rarely among modern Europeans ( Scozzari 2012 ). This, I must say, I know by the moment only from. Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In human genetics, Haplogroup R1b is the most frequently occurring Y-chromosome haplogroup in Western Europe, parts of central Eurasia (for example Bashkortostan[3]), and in parts of sub-Saharan Central Africa (fo This blog is dedicated to those who carry the J2 Y DNA Haplogroup, with a focus on J2a4h2, also known as J-L25, with further changes to F3133, and FGC9962. Our Y Chromosome is inherited from father to son. Our paternal ancestors will also have the same signature. J2 originated in northern Mesopotamia, and spread westward to Anatolia and southern Europe, and eastward to Persia and India Y-DNA Haplogroup E-L117 is a branch of DE which is Ham not Shem. Japheth is Y-DNA Haplogroup C. To be specific, E-L117 is a branch of Mitzraim in fact and should not be mistaken for Canaanite. Sinites are Y-DNA Haplogroup D so Canaanites would have been different branches of D too

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Y-DNA Haplogroup I Category Pages. Haplogroup I-Z63, also known as I1a3, is a Y chromosome haplogroup. It is defined by a DYS456 value inferior to 15. I-Z63 is a strongly British subclade. The progenitor of I-Z63 is assumed to have lived in Jutland at around 2000 BCE. I-Z63 is most common in England, Scotland, Germany, Scandinavia, Iberia and. Haplogroup I2 (Y-DNA) - Subclades - I-M223. The age of YSTR variation for the I-M223 subclade is 13.2±2.7 kya and 12.3±3.1 kya. I-M223 has a peak in Germany and another in eastern Sweden, but also appears in Romania/Moldova, Russia, Greece, Italy and around the Black Sea. Haplogroup I2a2a has been found in over 4% of the population only in. Y-DNA macro-haplogroup K-M526 originated in Indonesia. Most probably did, although there is always some uncertainty. This is what a new study demonstrates almost beyond doubt. Tatiana M. Karafet et al., Improved phylogenetic resolution and rapid diversification of Y-chromosome haplogroup K-M526 in Southeast Asia, EJHG 2014 Y-DNA Haplogroup J-M205 (J2b1, old J2b1b) YouTube Channel. In human genetics, Haplogroup J2b1 (M205) is one of two complimentary clades of Y-chromosome Haplogroup J-M172 (Greco-Anatolian, Mesopotamian and/or Caucasian). Quite a few ancient civilizations flourished in territories where J2b1 lineages are now preponderant Y-DNA Haplogroups A Haplogroup is a population of people who are all descendants of a single man or woman who lived in the distant past. In this case - we are talking about Y-DNA haplogroups. Each Y-DNA haplogroup has a unique set of markers that define that haplogroup

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Haplogroup J-M304 , även känd som J , [Phylogenetics 1] är en mänsklig Y-kromosom-DNA-haplogrupp . Det antas ha utvecklats i västra Asien . [2] Kladen spred sig därifrån under neolitikum , främst till Nordafrika , Afrikas horn , Socotra , Kaukasus , Europa , Västasien , Centralasien , Sydasien och Sydostasien Haplogroup I1 I2a and together account for almost 45 percent of all Serbs who have so far done Y-DNA. Also the frequency of the Rh factor in the Serbian population (84% Rh+ and 16% Rh-). That is higher than average with Rh-. GENERAL NOTES: Haplogroup I among Serbs is the single most common haplogroup. On the basis of several genetic tests on. DNA-genealogi eller släktskapstester baserat på DNA-analys innebär att man genom ett biologiskt prov fastställer delar av den sekvens av molekyler som utgör vår arvsmassa, DNA. Graden av överensstämmande i denna sekvens av molekyler är ett mått på hur nära två individer är besläktade med varandra His Y-DNA test showed numerous exact matches with the Wallace surname in Scotland, who within haplogroup I belong overwhelmingly to the rare haplogroup I2c1a2a1a1a (F2044)

Y-DNA Haplogroup Project Forums If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below Haplogroup R (Y-DNA) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In human genetics, haplogroup R is a Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup common throughout West Eurasia. It is a subgroup of haplogroup P and is defined by theM207 mutation. Contents 1 Origins 2 Subclades 3 Distribution 4 Subclades 4.1 Paragroup R* 4.2 R1 4.2.1 R1* 4.2.2 R1

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European Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups by country - Videos. N1c represents the western extent of haplogroup N, which is found all over the Far East (China, Korea, Japan), Mongolia and Siberia, especially among Uralic speakers of northern Siberia Y-DNA Haplogroup J2 M172 - Roman Empire. While it has been said before in forums, chats and websites on the internet that the J2 Frequency Map for Europe shows a resemblance to the borders of the Roman Empire, i have never seen an actual image comparing the two. I decided to make one for myself and upload it here. I used the current (2012. Y-DNA SNPs are changes in a man's DNA sequence at a specific locus on the Y chromosome. Y-DNA SNPs are typically (but not always) reported in terms of a haplogroup letter, followed by a hyphen, and then one or more letters followed by a number (e.g., R-CTS6 or R-Y2619).S ometimes, a SNP is reported with a plus sign to indicate that the man has the SNP and a minus sign to indicate that the.

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You cannot relate racial phenotype to Y-DNA haplogroup. Nordic people carry R1a, R1b and distantly related I haplogroups. They are all the same racial phenotype. Cameroonians with R1b Y-DNA are not and likely never were Nordics. The point of dispersal of R is thought to be in the area of Afghanistan or Central Asia, not Northern Europe This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype. The Tutankhamun DNA Project: The Tutankhamun DNA Project: Tutankhamun belongs to the haplogroup R1b1a2, which more than 50% of all men in Western Europe belong to. Y-DNA profile of Tutankhamun (I'm Genetic Distance -1) from Tutankhamun. R1b Y-DNA Haplogroup, Mountain Grove, Missouri. 857 likes. R1b Y-DNA Haplogroup TheInfoList.com - (Haplogroup R1b1 (Y-DNA)) Haplogroup R1b (R-M343), also known as Hg1 and Eu18, is a human Y-chromosome haplogroup.It is the most frequently occurring paternal lineage in Western Europe, as well as some parts of Russia (e.g. the Bashkir minority) and Central Africa (e.g. Chad and Cameroon).The clade is also present at lower frequencies throughout Eastern Europe, Western Asia. Haplogroup J1, more fully Y DNA haplogroup J-M267, is a Y chromosome haplogroup found in the Middle East.This means it represents a group of descendants from a single common ancestor along the father's line. It carries a mutation on the Y chromosome known as M267. This type of mutation is called a SNP, or a single nucleotide polymorphism, which is a change in the chemicals at one position in a.