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BACKGROUND & BASICS. Date and venue: 5-9 June 2017, UN Headquarters, New York. The Conference week kicked off with World Environment Day (5 June) & integrated a major World Oceans Day celebration on 8 June. Theme: Our oceans, our future: partnering for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 At the high-level United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14) - The Ocean Conference - held in June 2017 at UN headquarters in New York, close to 1,400 voluntary commitments for concrete action to advance implementation of SDG 14 were made by governments, the United Nations system, civil society organizations, academia, the scientific.

The Ocean Conference 2017. COAS. Commitments. Special meeting in New York from 5 to 9 June 2017 at the United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable conservation and sustainable use of oceans and their resources by implementing international law as reflected in the UN Convention on the Law of. The Ocean Conference 5-9 June, 2017 - United Nations, New York. The Maldives comprises a chain of atolls and islands scattered over the Indian Ocean. Masrah Naseem/UNDP Maldives Letter to Member States - Partnership dialogue (6 Apr 2017) Revised zero draft of the Call for Action - Letter from the PGA (10 Apr 2017) Invitation letter of Sweden and Fiji, co-presidents of the Ocean Conference (2 Mar 2017) Letter from Mr. Wu Hongbo, USG, DESA to all Permanent Representatives and Permanent Observers to the UN (27 Feb 2017 The Ocean Conference 2017. COAS. the Heads of State and Government and high-level representatives, meeting in New York from 5 to 9 June 2017 at the United Nations Conference to Support the conservation and sustainable use of oceans and their resources by implementing international law as reflected in the UN Convention on.

The 2017 United Nations Ocean Conference was a United Nations conference that took place on 5-9 June 2017 which sought to mobilize action for the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources.. The Earth's waters are said to be under threat as never before, with pollution, overfishing, and the effects of climate change severely damaging the health of our oceans The UN Ocean Action website includes information on the 2017 UN Ocean Conference, voluntary commitments, COAs and the Special Envoy for the Ocean UN Ocean Action Newsletter December 2019: Blue COP aims to elevate the role of the ocean in climate mitigation and adaptatio UN Ocean Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, SDG 14. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Welcome to the United Nations. At the 2017 conference, approximately 1,400 voluntary commitments. UN Ocean Conference 2017. The Pacific is the world's largest ocean, covering nearly one-third of the Earth's surface, it defines us as Pacific people, underpinning our livelihoods and way of life. With this in mind, the coming UN Oceans Conference and Sustainable Development Goal 14 are crucial for our Pacific region. SPREP and the UN. Pre-registration is required for eligible (please see below) representatives of non-governmental organizations and major groups identified in Agenda 21 to participate in the Ocean Conference, to be held from 5-9 June 2017 in New York

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The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO is proud to support the UN Ocean Conference in New York from 5-9 June, 2017. For more informat.. 23 February 2017 - UN Environment launched today an unprecedented global campaign to eliminate major sources of marine litter: microplastics in cosmetics and the excessive, wasteful usage of single-use plastic by the year 2022.. Launched at the Economist World Ocean Summit in Bali, the #CleanSeas campaign is urging governments to pass plastic reduction policies; targeting industry to.

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Ocean Conference, UN Ocean Conference Side Event 2017, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesi The Ocean Conference 2017 The High-level United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development was convened at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 5 to 9 June 2017 High-Level UN Conference to Support the Implementation of SDG 14 (UN Ocean Conference) The high-level UN Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 (Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development) will be co-hosted by the Governments of Fiji and Sweden, and it will coincide with World Oceans Day 2017, on 8 June In June 2017, after the inaugural Ocean Conference, the Portuguese Government informed the UN Oceans conference that Portugal was whiling to organize the second edition of the event.It was now confirmed by the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea that the event will take place in Lisbon in June 2020


UN poised to open summit on world's oceans; outcome will 'call for action' on ocean health 2 June 2017 Warming oceans, depleting sea life and plastic pollution are on the agenda for next week's ocean summit at the United Nations, which will call for urgent action to improve the health of the oceans, while also creating jobs and raising people out of poverty VIDEO: Ahead of the UN Ocean Conference in June 2017, UN chief of Economic and Social Affairs, Wu Hongbo says the Conference will be a 'game changer' and a chance for the international. United Nations Ocean Conference. The UN Ocean Conference aims to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG14) and reverse the decline of ocean health for the benefit of humanity by identifying solutions and engaging all stakeholders: Governments, Research institutes, civil society, industry and ordinary citizens Conference Secretary-General Wu Hongbo called for follow-up action on marine litter, marine ecosystem restoration, ocean acidification, sustainable fisheries, and scientific knowledge and encouraged registering further commitments after the conference. The UN Ocean Conference convened at UN Headquarters in New York, US, from 5-9 June 2017

UN Ocean Conference: Plastics Dumped In Oceans Could Outweigh Fish by 2050, June 06, 2017. Advertisement. Plastics dumped into the world's oceans may outweigh fish by the year 2050,. To mark the UN Ocean Conference, one African recycling company, has been raising awareness of marine pollution, together with UN agencies on the Kenyan coast this week. Sam Ngaruiya, is Chief Executive of the recycling company, Regeneration Africa, and he's been down at the beach in the coastal town of Watamu, talking to Newton Kanhema of the UN Information Centre based in Nairobi

6 October 2017: The 2017 Our Ocean Conference closed with participants announcing over €7 billion in commitments related to an array of ocean issues such as marine protected areas (MPAs), sustainable fisheries, climate change, pollution, maritime security, and sustainable blue growth United Nations Environment Programme warns for the consequences of polluting our ocean with plastic and says that over 8 million tons of plastic end up in oceans each year. The UN will convene the Ocean Conference in June to spur international action to safeguard oceans, seas and marine resources. Credit: UN News

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We're a voice for the sea at the first-ever United Nations Ocean Conference. The ocean produces half the oxygen we breathe, regulates climate by absorbing atmospheric carbon, and is the primary source of protein for 3.5 billion people. More than 80 percent of the Earth's population lives within 60 miles of the coast The UN Ocean Conference ends today but the work to save our oceans is far from over. We had the opportunity to talk to Christina Fossi at SDSN Mediterranean, Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and Andrew Merrie at Stockholm Resilience Center during the UN Ocean Conference.. Below you can watch short films with their comments on ways to move. Our Ocean Conference 2017. Malta, 5-6 October 2017. The European Union will host the fourth high-level Our Ocean Conference in Malta on 5 and 6 October 2017. In the spirit of the successful 2014, 2015 and 2016 editions, the conference aims to inspire and empower a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and civil society to. Sustainable Ocean Summit 2017. The 5th Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) was held from 29 November - 1 December, 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada! The SOS 2017 theme was The Ocean Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 14): Business Leadership and Business Opportunities. The SOS is a unique gathering of the world's ocean industries. UN-Oceans is an inter-agency mechanism that seeks to enhance the coordination, coherence and effectiveness of competent organizations of the United Nations system and the International Seabed Authority, in conformity with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the respective competences of each of its participating organizations and the mandates and priorities approved by their.

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  1. With the UN Ocean Conference beginning in New York next week, Elizabeth A Kirk asks: can we devise a legal system that promotes the ecological resilience of the oceans? To do so will mean placing ecosystems at the heart of decision making, over and above countries' selfish 'national interests'. It will be tough, but if we fail it's hard to see how the gamut of problems - from ocean.
  2. WCS Community News WCS Recommendations for the UN Ocean Conference February 2017 Target 14.5: By 2020, conserve at least 10 per cent of coastal and marine areas, consistent with national and international law and based on best available scientific information
  3. by William M. Reilly. UNITED NATIONS, June 9 (Xinhua) -- The five-day UN Ocean Conference on Friday agreed on a call for action to act decisively and urgently to implement long-term and robust strategies to reverse the decline of the world's oceans, suffering pollution, acidification, over- and illegal-fishing and a general lack of high seas governance
  4. IISD Reporting Services will cover The Ocean Conference, Our Oceans, Our Future: Partnering for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14, from 5 to 9 June 2017, from UN Headquarters in New Yor

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The Ocean Conference (5-9 June 2017, UN Headquarters in New York) Open Video Category. The Ocean Conference (5-9 June 2017, UN Headquarters in New York) Plenary Meetings; Partnership Dialogues; Press Conferences; Side Events; SDG Media Zone; Video Features; Toggle navigation. Languages Oceans, Overfishing and Sustainable Gastronomy - The Ocean Conference (5 to 9 June 2017), Side-Event 6 Jun 2017 - Of particular relevance to effectively tackling overfishing is SDG12, intended to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns Oceans and Climate: The Way Forward - Press Conference 9 Jun 2017 - Speakers: H.E. Mohamed Shainee, Fisheries and Agriculture Minister for the Maldives; H.E. Omar Figueroa, Minister of State for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development for Belize; H.E. Minister F. Umiich Sengebau, Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism for Palau Together with Fiji, Sweden is a proud initiator of this conference. We expect it to show how important our ocean is for the success of the entire 2030 Agenda. Mr President, Already back in 1972, at the Stockholm Conference, the first UN Conference on the Human Environment, pollution of the seas was recognised as a threat to human development ANALYSIS OF OCEAN CONFERENCE VOLUNTARY COMMITMENTS 2017 and discards, and provide for eco-labeling, traceability and market-based instruments.In addition, many commitments aim to combat IUU fishing, improve cooperation and available scientific information and expand marine protection to habitats

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UN Ocean Conference: Plenary of June 9, 2017: WCS Calls for United Global Action to Save the World's Oceans Today, our species has a choice: either to continue on the path of indifference and greed and destroying the very source of life, or to heed this Call for Action and take the necessary steps for a better future for the ocean and its precious biodiversity Monday, 5 June 2017, 15:00 - 16:30. Conference Room 12, UN Headquarters, New York, NY. Women at all levels contribute to ocean leadership, management and use, conservation and science. We hope to inspire more Asia-Pacific women to become marine specialists by celebrating women's successes in ocean leadership 5 June 2017: The UN Ocean Conference opened with calls for coordinated global action to improve the health of the oceans. The Conference is focusing on efforts to achieve the targets under Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 (life below water), and related SDGs and targets

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The WOC Network includes 35,000+ ocean industry and finance stakeholders from across the sectors and around the world. The WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) has, since 2010, been the preeminent gathering of the global Ocean Business Community and Investment Community to advance private sector leadership, collaboration and action on Corporate Ocean Responsibility sprep.or Media in category The Ocean Conference, 2017 The following 9 files are in this category, out of 9 total. The UN Ocean Conference - NEW YORK - June 2017 - Eric BANEL, Françoise GAIL.jpg. The UN Ocean Conférence - NEW YORK - June 2017 - Eric BANEL ,. The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) through its Pacific sub-regional office are joining forces to provide support to Pacific delegates to the international UN Oceans Conference. We are pleased to participate in the regional preparations for this important conference

The ocean is the lifeblood of our planet, yet we are poisoning it with millions of tonnes of plastic every year, expressed Peter T, the President of the UN General Assembly, highlighting the upcoming conference and urging for ambitious pledges to reduce single-use plastic New York, New York, June 5th, 2017 - President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon announced today at the United Nations Ocean Conference in New York his country's creation of a massive marine protected areas network consisting of 9 new marine parks and 11 aquatic reserves. This bold initiative expands Gabon's protected waters by 53,000 sq. km, just over 26% of its Territorial Sea and Exclusive. Plastic Busters at the Ocean Conference, UN, New York, 5-9 June 2017 by simonecresti | posted in: Archive | 0 SDSN Mediterranean, thanks to its flagship project Plastic Busters coordinated by prof. Cristina Fossi (University of Siena), contributes to the Ocean Conference organised by the United Nations in New York on 5-9 June 2017 Preparatory Meeting on the UN Ocean Conference UN Headquarters, New York February 15 - 16, 2017 First, the Foundation for Environmental Education would like to commend the Secretariat for the well-prepared background notes and a thank you to the co-facilitators for the work in preparation for the Partnership dialogues IISD Reporting Services is producing daily Earth Negotiations Videos (ENV) from the UN Ocean Conference. Our video team is reporting daily from the meeting, bringing you updates on key issues, and insights through featured interviews with high-level delegates and participants

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Join us in-person in 2022. We're delighted that the 9th annual World Ocean Summit will be returning in-person this March in Lisbon, Portugal. The event will welcome 200 speakers and 2,000 participants over three days. This global event will bring together the broadest cross-section of the ocean community, from businesses to scientists. Our Ocean, One Future Leadership Summit at Georgetown University. The U.S. Department of State, Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, and the Sustainable Oceans Alliance co-hosted the Our Ocean, One Future: Leadership Summit as a parallel event to the Our Ocean conference, with the support of the Georgetown Science, Technology & International Affairs Program.

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Key Achievements from COP23. Bula vinaka! We are pleased to say COP23 has been a success. Over the past two weeks, the global community has embraced Fiji's concept of a Grand Coalition for greater ambition. In Bonn, the support for climate action from countries, regions, cities, civil society, the private sector and ordinary men and women was. The next ocean meeting will be convened by the European Union in Malta in October of 2017: Our Ocean, An Ocean For Life, and will thereafter to be hosted by Portugal and Kenya in 2020. Learn more at ourocean2017.org. - - -. The Ocean Conference Revisited first appeared as a 5-minute audio episode on World Ocean Radio A high level panel of experts addressed various Stakeholders on the upcoming UN High-level Oceans Conference, which will take place at the UN headquarters in New York, between 5th -9th June 2017, coinciding with World Oceans Day, to support the implementation of SDG 14 (Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development) by building on existing.

A Day at the UN: Together Campaign, The Ocean Conference, and Forging Partnerships Posted on 2017/01/23 by peaceboatusoffice The United Nations has declared 2017 the year of peace, and on January 19, Peace Boat interns gathered to hear the first briefing of the year at the DPI/NGO (Department of Public Information/Non Governmental Organization) Inaugural meeting in New York City Recommendations for addressing Ocean Noise Pollution: A Joint Statement to the Ocean Conference, United Nations, 5-9 June 2017 This statement is delivered by OceanCare, a founding member of the International Ocean Noise Coalition (IONC) - a partnership of over 150 non-governmental organisations from aroun The 2017 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) was an international meeting of political leaders, non-state actors and activists to discuss environmental issues.It was held at UN Campus in Bonn from 6-17 November 2017. The conference incorporated the 23rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the thirteenth meeting of the. The Ocean is the blue heart of our planet How can we prevent litter and contaminants from reaching our seas? Marine Pollution is one of the six themes of t.. Over 1 million people demand global ban on single-use plastic at UN Ocean Conference Source: Xinhua 2017-06-07 06:53:06 The file photo taken on Sept. 25, 2014 shows that a boy stand by some cloth bags at a shopping center in Edinburgh, Scotlan

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Five young agency staffers will head to first-ever UN Ocean Conference to present awareness campaign idea. By Minda Smiley-April 6, 2017. TRENDING TODAY Please visit the Leaders Summit website for more information.. The UN Global Compact Leaders Summit (21 September, New York) brings together an international community of leaders from business, civil society, academia, Government and the United Nations to accelerate business action and partnerships to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Climate Agreement

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2022 UN Ocean Conference: Lisbon, Portugal : Date to be determined. The forthcoming Ocean Conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Kenya and Portugal, comes at a critical time as the world is strengthening its efforts to mobilize, create and drive solutions to realize the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 The annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights is the global platform for yearly stock-taking and lesson-sharing on efforts to move the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights from paper to practice. The central theme of the 2017 Forum is Realizing Access to Remedy UN resolves to end ocean plastic waste ; Almost all plastic in the ocean comes from just 10 rivers 'Stop Sucking' for the environment! (20.07.2017) Date 07.12.2017 Sustainable Ocean 2021 will include a panel discussion, inspiring keynote speakers, student oral and poster presentations, and a photo contest. This year, the Sustainable Ocean conference will be taking place online using Hopin. Stay up to date on conference details and activities through our conference website: https://www.sustoceans.com

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Calendar of Conferences and Meeting In April 2017, in anticipation of the United Nations Oceans Conference, policy makers, scientists and industry representatives from 16 Pacific island countries and territories gathered in Nuku'alofa, Tonga to discuss the challenges and opportunities for whale conservation in a changing ocean Shown at the United nations, World Ocean Conference, June 2017 U.S. Lashed As 'Main Threat' To Environment At UN Ocean Conference. Climate accord exit is attempting to deny a future to upcoming generations, Bolivian President Evo Morales charges. By Mary Papenfuss. Trends Reporter, HuffPost. 06/06/2017 01:14am EDT ROME, Feb 23 2017 (IPS) Launched at the Economist World Ocean Summit in Bali, Major announcements are expected during The Ocean Conference in New York at the UN Headquarters 5 - 9 June, and the December UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya

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Ocean Conference: The Ocean Conference shall adopt by consensus a concise, focused, intergovernmentally agreed declaration in the form of a Call for Action to support the implementation of Goal 14 and a report containing the co-chairs' summaries of the partnership dialogues, as well as a list of voluntary commitments for the implementation of Goal 14, to be announced at th UN Officials React to Trump's Paris Decision at Ocean Conference. The Ocean Conference organized by the U.N. kicked off at the U.N. headquarters in New York City on Monday, June 5, preceded by the.

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The UN Global Compact invites you to attend our webinars or live in-person events, focusing on environment, governance, and social policy. Click here to see a list of all events 2014 Conference Outcomes. This document presents a set of actions relating to the three topics of the 2014 Our Ocean Conference (sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, ocean acidification) that the United States Government intends to undertake in our nation and to pursue with other nations and stakeholders at the international level Towards a Sustainable Ocean Economy. The ocean gives us life. It feeds us, entertains us, connects us, inspires us and powers our success. Our well-being depends on a healthy ocean. It always has. It always will. The pressures on the ocean are intense and growing - but we know recovery is possible

This blueprint puts forward six key steps to unlock a climate-smart ocean to meet the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C temperature goal. Each step has clearly defined actions for both Parties to the COP and business leaders. The blueprint is the outcome of the UN Global Compact 'Blue Road to COP 26.. Over 100 stakeholders from business, policy, NGOs. More Info. Join your colleagues from industry, academia, and government at the 41st International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2022) in Hamburg, Germany from June 5 - 10, 2022. OMAE 2022 is the ideal forum for researchers, engineers, managers, technicians, and students from the scientific and industrial communities. UN Global Climate Action Awards: Winners Unveiled (Bonn, Germany: 6 October 2021)- The recipients of a special 10th anniversary edition of the United Nations Global Climate Action Awards were announced today, shining a light on innovative examples of what people across the globe are doing to combat climate change ahead of the pivotal UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow Du 5 au 9 juin 2017, l'ONU accueillera sa première conférence mondiale sur l'Océan, très importante pour le climat, dans son siège à New York. Afin de développer les SDG 14 : les Objectifs de développement durable pour l'Océan, de nombreux pays et organisations se réuniront pour faire le point sur les Initiatives à développer en faveu

UN_Handbook_Package_2.indd 3 2/28/17 8:49 AM. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and related instruments Maritime disputes Chapter XIV. 103. Declaration of principles governing the sea-bed and the ocean floor, and the subsoil thereof,. Leaders' Summit. The Inaugural IORA Leaders' Summit held on 7 March 2017 in Jakarta Indonesia, entitled Strengthening Maritime Cooperation for a Peaceful, Stable and Prosperous Indian Ocean brought together Prime Ministers and Presidents of the 21 Members States. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of IORA, the summit provided momentum to. It also supports the development and implementation of programmes and participation in UN development frameworks, in other countries of the region, as required. The bureau also has education expertise and hosts a component of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO dedicated to Ocean Literacy

The informal ministerial Pre-COP meeting was held from 17-18 October 2017 on Denarau Islan in Nadi, Fiji. With less than three weeks left before the next UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in November, the Pre-COP meeting presented Ministers with the opportunity for an honest exchange of views on key issues of the COP23 agenda before the negotiations begin in Bonn The Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) is the flagship conference for the ocean sciences and the larger ocean-connected community. As we approach the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, beginning in 2021, it is increasingly important to gather as a scientific community to raise awareness of the truly global dimension of the ocean, address environmental challenges, and set forth. Commitments from 2018. The fifth Our Ocean Conference in Indonesia strengthened the quality of commitments with a balanced distribution of commitments for each area of action. 305 tangible and measurable commitments, USD 10,7 billion monetary commitments and 14 million km2 of Marine Protected Area Join us for the Esri Ocean, Weather, and Climate GIS Forum, to be held November 3-4, 2021. Experience the Plenary Session, user presentations, and more. Register now